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Megan is an absolute genius - we call her the toddler whisperer. When potty training our son stalled, Megan came to our rescue and within days had our little guy fully trained. She equipped us with the tools to continue on the right path forward. We are continuously grateful to have Megan on our side.
— Keren S. | New York

Megan saved me when my 2-year-old boy/girl twins had me struggling to get the power back in potty training. Her knowledge and support turned it around in just a few days.

She approached my twins as individuals and together we were able to find their personal learning styles and reward systems. No two kids are alike!

She was available around the clock for me via phone, text and even FaceTime. She really understood my frustrations and helped me keep my cool when it seemed there was no end in sight. My daughter would want to call Megan and her daughters to tell them about her successes!!

Can’t say enough great things about Megan.
— Paige M. | California

Thank you for your support, Megan. My son improved dramatically in just 8 hours after talking to you!
— Dianna | New York

Megan is a POTTY TRAINING GENIUS. She had my son FULLY potty trained in a few days! Even at night! Moms…if you are reading this and debating potty training, hire Megan…DO IT!
— Amanda G. | San Diego, CA
I had a great experience attending one of Megan’s potty training classes. After hearing her speak and reading her manual I felt confident to potty train my two and a half year old (a task that had previously given me anxiety). I came away with a plan and solutions to possible problems. Definitely way better to hear from Megan than reading countless books and blogs!
— Diana | Orange County

Megan Pierson happens to be an angel who I have known since my daughters’ age. For those of you who would like around the clock coaching when your potty party is ready, she is an expert and can offer you professional coaching services.
— Rachel S. | New York

Crushed it! Came back to say we had FIVE full successes today…on the first day!
— Deanna S. @Humanitarianmom | California

Megan Pierson is easing all my anxiety about potty training. Her manual spells everything out for you. She provides support all throughout the process. Thank you!!
— @mommywinetime | Kansas City, MO

Megan helped us tremendously with both potty training and sleep training for our toddler. We followed the potty training instructions in her guide and did the 3-day potty weekend - by the third day our son was using the potty and was excited about it. Of course we had work to do afterward in reinforcing the potty training, but that weekend gave us a major head start. We are so happy we found Megan - her advice and guides have given us some much-needed sanity during the crazy toddler years!
— Janet G. | Jersey City, NJ