Potty Consultations are perfect for parents that just need a couple of quick tips or some in depth one-on-one advice to help them and their toddler. Let Potty Shop hear your needs and respond with expert advice!

15 minute Meeting

$45 per meeting

The 15 minute meeting is perfect for fine-tuning all your potty training needs! In addition, if you have a few questions, or you’re feeling you just need some extra support, I am here.

30 minute Meeting

$75 per meeting

The 30 minute meeting is ideal for parents who are feeling frustrated or need help walking them through the potty training process. We can go from readiness to success! You may also break the 30 min. consult up into smaller increments for texts, emails, and calls.


Interested In a Consultation?

Connect with us by filling out our request form and we can set up an appointment for you and your toddler’s potty training journey!

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Interested in a Potty Package?

If you need more than a single meeting then feel free to check out our potty packages!

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