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The “yes, you can!” Potty training Manual

READINESS to SUCCESS! This Pediatrician and Urologist backed manual will easily guide you through a proven child-led potty training process in a quick and comfortable manner. In addition, it also contains a dependable toddler sleep/wake schedule, allowing your child to feel rested and confident while learning a new skill.

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Yes, You Can! Potty Training Manual
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Potty Consultations hosted by Megan Pierson can be done in-person and via phone, Skype, and email. These consultations come in a variety of lengths, frequencies, and topics to help you and your toddler through potty training and sleep management!

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Potty Shop Packages


All-In Potty

The Full Support Package

This all-in package includes our manual and schedule, an individual assessment of the readiness of your child, in-home consultations and follow-up guidance for your toddler after a three day process.

Potty Time

The Package for the Extra Support

The Potty Time package includes what’s in “Potty Support” plus an individual assessment of the readiness of your child and unlimited support for the 3-day process.

Potty Support

The Package for Checking In

This package provides a 3-4 day potty training manual and schedule, some check-in times to answer any questions that may arise, and an emailed Potty Training Certificate upon completion!


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